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What does it mean?

This page is provided to define/describe the various terms and abbreviations used throughout our catalog and web site.  These are listed in the order they occur in each catalog entry.

Please, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. sandchar@venturecomm.net

Lot #:  Generally, at Sandmeier Charolais, you will find the first number of the lot number is the year the calf was born.  If the lot number begins with a 6, it was born in 2016;  if it begins with a 7, it was born in 2017; etc.

DOB:  The date of birth for the calf.

EPD:  Expected Progeny Difference, which is the expected difference in performance of a bull's progeny compared to the average progeny performance of all bulls evaluated within the breed.

BW:  Birth Weight

BW-EPD:  Birth Weight EPD.  

adj WW:  This is taking the weaning weight of the calf and adjusting it to a 205 day adjusted weight to allow for comparison.

WW-EPD:  Weaning weight EPD. 

adj YW:  This adjusts the weight to a 365 day weight for comparison.

YW-EPD: Yearling weight EPD.  

Milk:  Milk EPD.  

TM:  Total Maternal EPD.  

adj Rib:  This is determined by ultra-sounding of the bull.  It indicates the size of the rib muscle.

IM:  Determined by ultra-sound, Intramuscular fat.  The quality grade is based upon the percent of intramuscular fat.  These numbers convert to the USDA grading as follows: 
                7.0 to 9.0 = mid-choice.
                5.8 to 7.0 = low choice
                5.8 and below = select

Gain: Rate of Gain, the pounds gained per day from weaning.