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Showing is limited to the kids and their 4-H projects at this time.
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This page includes some of the pictures from the 2002 Edmunds County 4-H Achievement Days.

Kimberly, Kayla, Matthew, Megan, and Kaitlyn are 4-H members.

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Out for a walk with the calves.

Gary & Kaitlyn visit with County Agent, Dale.

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Kayla & Kimberly in the ring.

Gary & Rosemary watch their daughters.

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Sometimes all you need is a little push from dad.....

One last look......

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Exiting the ring....

Cal and kids watch, awaiting their turn.

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Matthew & Megan lead their calves into the ring.

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The showing is over, and Matthew & Megan enjoy just being "side-by-side" with their calves!

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