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Bowdle, South Dakota

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March Sale


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Sale Day:  Always the first Friday of March

195 Purebred Charolais Bulls sold
80 Yearlings - 35 semen tested Fall 18 Month Olds - 80 semen tested Virgin Twos

Supplement Sheet               Sale Order
here are the DV Auction lot number videos

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Herd Sire:  Cardinals Lad F246
Homozygous for all feed efficiency traits. 

Feed Efficiency = Genetic Profit.

4# a day gain is great,
4# a day gain on 15% less feed is PROFIT!

Herd Sire: SCR Sir McTender 6187

With the Sandmeier Charolais breeding program, there IS a GENETIC difference!

Herd Sire:  Wells Hard as a Rock 2596

Sandmeier Charolais:
Your one stop volume source for Charolais Bulls!

 Breeding Charolais since the 60's,
Selling Purebred Charolais Bulls since the 70's,
Hosting Annual Production sales for over 30 years.

What were the sale averages?
Check out the Sale Reports


Herd Sire: Keys McTender 279P
Homozygous for all tenderness traits.

Tenderness = Genetic Quality.

the #1 quality preference of the consumer!

Herd Sire:  Keys Tenacious 10W

Add the Hybrid Vigor Advantage to your herd with quality purebred Sandmeier Charolais Bulls

Mark your calendar now.

(Sales held the first Friday of March each year.)
Sales held at the Ranch -
1:00 PM CST
Sandmeier Charolais
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